The Green Woodland Fairy

I love working with photographers to help bring their vision to life. Here is a photoshoot I did with photographer Kitty I hope you enjoy!    The fairies we often hear about in fairytales are creatures of pure good and hapiness that fly around from place to place. Some have wings, some don’t. They come […]

Lolifarian Boutique

This week the online shops Rasta Empire and Lolita Show have come together and opened the Boutique Lolifarian in Central London. They called the new boutique Lolifarian that is the new name for the styles combined. It’s all about showing that even in todays society you can still be different and look good. If you like the Rastafarian […]

Wednesday is Nail day #3

Here we go…    I love this colour on both skin tones. When I first applyed the nail polish I thought the colour was waaay darker then it appeared in the bottle, however after putting on the top coat and allowing the colour to settle it turned into this beautiful deap purple. The name of […]

Wednesday is Nail day #1

So I wanted to do another series, and because I really enjoyed Wednesday is hair day over the summer I though it would be good to do another beauty related series. This time however I have decided to do nail polish. In this series I will be doing my nails as well as my mums […]