Casual chic


Casual by hashabiah featuring a charm necklace

 This is a set I created on Polyvolre. Every item listed below from the set is cute and affordable. The outfit to me screams 90s and super trendy. From the style and cut of the shorts, to the print on the top and not to mention the choker. This outfit would be perfect for the hot summer months. Some of the items listed are currently sold out however you can always find a good alternative that may be more suited to you and your own personal style.
Forever 21 blue crop top
£6.36 –

High-waisted jean shorts
£11 –

Converse white shoes

Forever New string backpack
£25 –

Aéropostale charm necklace
£2.55 –

Vintage bracelet
£5.09 –

H M ring

Topshop black necklace
£7.64 –

Frends headphone
£19 –

Tech accessory
£25 –

Abercrombie & Fitch round glasses
£11 –

Love you, talk to you later! xxx


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