My Skincare Routine

Here is what I use to keep my skin clean, clear and refreshed. Skincare had always been a big part of my life. Over the years I have spent a lot of money trying new products looking for the items that work. In early December 2015 I discovered the Superdrug tea tree range. The products […]

Lolifarian Boutique

This week the online shops Rasta Empire and Lolita Show have come together and opened the Boutique Lolifarian in Central London. They called the new boutique Lolifarian that is the new name for the styles combined. It’s all about showing that even in todays society you can still be different and look good. If you like the Rastafarian […]

Scotland Holiday- Day 6

Okay so I haven’t posted in a while, because school got really crazy really quickly and I finally think that I’ve got my timetable down so as of this week I should be back to my normal posting schedule. I hope you enjoy reading! So this is my second last holiday post! The day before […]

First day of school outfit! 

So my first day back was this Monday although I was only in for an hour. As it was the first day I made sure I looked presentable. Here we go…  I’m wearing a blue jumper from Select that absolutely love. it has a slit down both sides and is longer at the back then […]

Scotland Holiday- Day 4

Day 4 was our lazy day. We decided to drive the long way round to Fort William. When we got there we went for a walk down the bottom of Ben Nevis. Let’s start with the long drive! Fort William looks so small from a distance, although whilst we were there it felt like such […]

Scotland Holiday- Day 2

On the second day of our holiday we decided to take a walk to see a waterfall! So here we go… Okay so this sign made me laugh when I first saw it and simply couldn’t resided talking a photo of it. Although whilst walking I could see where the danger came from but honestly […]