Wednesday is nail day #9

Dots because dots! Although it’s not super summery it’s a nice break from all the bright nails. One tip I have for you guys is to use acrylic paint I staid of nail polish to create nail art as it is easier to correct if you make a mistake, but I opted for the blue […]

Wednesday is nail day #8

Let’s go! This bright blue is one of my fav shades in my collection. The rich colour stands out and is perfect for summer in my opinion. This polish is again from the Gelly Hi Shine range from Barry M. I find that the polishes from the range are shinier then the regular polishes and […]

Wednesday is nail day #7

Let’s do this! This duo crome colour shifts from blue to green depending on how the light hits it a different colour appears. The polish is smooth to apply to the nail and isn’t streaky. The reflectiveness of the nail polish is what draws me to it as I love the effect of the shift […]

Wednesday is nail day #6

This weeks nails are blue and glittery! This week I used two blue polishes to create this nail look. I started with the top and bass coat then the L.A Colors Aquatic nail polish. To add depth to the nail look I then added Bikini (609) which is a coconut infusion shade by Barry M. […]

Wednesday is nail day #5

Okay so as of this week I’m back to my normal posting schedule!!! Monday fashion or beauty, Wednesday nail post. This week I’m wearing Grapefruit (519) by Barry M I find that the Gelly polish range from Barry M are thicker in formula so you need to apply fewer coats, usually I apply 2 thin […]

Wednesday is Nail day #3

Here we go…    I love this colour on both skin tones. When I first applyed the nail polish I thought the colour was waaay darker then it appeared in the bottle, however after putting on the top coat and allowing the colour to settle it turned into this beautiful deap purple. The name of […]

Wednesday is Nail day #1

So I wanted to do another series, and because I really enjoyed Wednesday is hair day over the summer I though it would be good to do another beauty related series. This time however I have decided to do nail polish. In this series I will be doing my nails as well as my mums […]