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Nail polish haul

This is my first nail polish haul; and may have bought 5 new nail polishes! So I am going to show you guys the new colours in my collection. All the nails polishes were under £2.00 each on sale 😱
Let’s do this!

As it happens getting the new polishes expanded the range

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New makeup!

Here we go…

I really like the packaging of the Ultra Contour Palette. It’s simple and elegant. The black and gold work really well together. One of my fav things about the palette is the large mirror. The swatches go from the top row left to right. I really like all

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The Green Woodland Fairy

I love working with photographers to help bring their vision to life. Here is a photoshoot I did with photographer Kitty I hope you enjoy!

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The fairies we often hear about in fairytales are creatures of pure good and hapiness that fly around from place to place. Some have wings, some