Afternoon tea 50s style

So we should all say a big thanks to Naomi for making this beautiful outfit. I love the way the top fits my body. The shape of the skirt flows beautifully when spinning and sits perfectly. This was made to my measurements so I would expect nothing less. The length is wonderful not to long […]

Backless Bodysuit

As a former gymnast buying a bodysuit was near the bottom of the list of things that I wanted to buy to add to my summer wardrobe. However I was out with my friends and tried it on for a laugh and couldn’t leave the shop without it. I love how the bodysuit is figure […]

My Skincare Routine

Here is what I use to keep my skin clean, clear and refreshed. Skincare had always been a big part of my life. Over the years I have spent a lot of money trying new products looking for the items that work. In early December 2015 I discovered the Superdrug tea tree range. The products […]

What I packed for my Scotland holiday!

so there was no blog post last week and that was due to the fact that I was in Scotland on holiday with my family. I want to show you what I packed to take away with me. Most of this is just what I take traveling! Here we go! So first, clothes of course! […]

Wednesday is hair day #6

Today I was inspired by another Pinterest find.    Here is what it looks like on me!                                       Yes I know my jaw line in nonexistent oh well! And again I’m having a lazy day so I’m not wearing any makeup. I started with my normal […]