The Green Woodland Fairy

I love working with photographers to help bring their vision to life. Here is a photoshoot I did with photographer Kitty I hope you enjoy!    The fairies we often hear about in fairytales are creatures of pure good and hapiness that fly around from place to place. Some have wings, some don’t. They come […]

The Cheeky Peeping Pocket

Here we go! The scoop of this top is what attracted me to it. I paired the top with these shorts to give the outfit a little cheek to it as it now has this peeping pocket effect to it which I LOVE. Its not to covering for the hot weather. The scoop allows for […]

Afternoon tea 50s style

So we should all say a big thanks to Naomi for making this beautiful outfit. I love the way the top fits my body. The shape of the skirt flows beautifully when spinning and sits perfectly. This was made to my measurements so I would expect nothing less. The length is wonderful not to long […]

Backless Bodysuit

As a former gymnast buying a bodysuit was near the bottom of the list of things that I wanted to buy to add to my summer wardrobe. However I was out with my friends and tried it on for a laugh and couldn’t leave the shop without it. I love how the bodysuit is figure […]

First day of school outfit! 

So my first day back was this Monday although I was only in for an hour. As it was the first day I made sure I looked presentable. Here we go…  I’m wearing a blue jumper from Select that absolutely love. it has a slit down both sides and is longer at the back then […]

Flashback Friday OOTD!

I wore this outfit last Thursday when I went shopping with my friends and bought the items in my last post, Thursday’s purchases. Here is my outfit enjoy! I love the way that the White top goes with my cream and black skirt. The only reason why this works for me is that the edge […]